Fix these 5 VW mistakes on your GTI

Published on October 12, 2018

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ODB Eleven (recommended)

Sources for coding

Seatbelt chime
1. Select STG 17 (dash panel insert)
2. STG adjustment — function 10
3. Select disable seat belt reminders
4. Change to “yes”

Fan indicator
1. STG 08 (climatic)
2. STG long coding — function 07
3. byte 11
4. Bit 6 – Enable Blower Status Display in AUTO mode active

Traffic Information (TMC) – activate
5F-information Elect
Fee Based Traffic Information (TMC) set to 1024
You need to enable TP and RDS in the MIB radio settings

Direct acceleration
44 steering assist
security access 19249
driving profile swtichover
set “incremental controlled over time” to “direct controlled over”

5 brake lights
Select STG 09 (vehicle power)
STG access authorization — Function 16
Enter access code 31347
STG adjustment — function 10

Adjustment for LED taillights
filter (8) -Leuchte27NSL RC6-light function C 27
put emphasis on brake light
Select (10) -Leuchte27NSL RC6-dimming CD 27
Value to 100 set

Adjustment for halogen rear lights
Select (8) -Leuchte23SL HRA65 light function C23
put emphasis on brake light
Select (8) -Leuchte24SL HRA65 light function C24
put emphasis on brake light

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